Emergency Veterinarian

Emergency vet Chambersburg, PA.

We provide after hours phone consultation services for established clients in good standing. Our emergency phone consultation hours are Monday through Thursday from the time we close until 10 pm. Please be advised that we can not treat your pet over the phone and you may be asked to go to an emergency center. After 10 pm daily and on weekends, information about emergency clinics in the area is available by calling 717-496-4936.

Weekend emergency calls are referred to Mountain View Emergency Clinic in Hagerstown, MD. We are confident that you will be pleased with the service and care that is given by Dr. Shawn Wilson and staff at Mountain View. There is a doctor and technician present at all times over the weekends, so that there is constant monitoring of hospitalized pets, as well as the ability to perform lab work and diagnostics immediately. The doctors at Mountain View also communicate with us so that we know what follow-up needs to be done, so that your pet continues to receive the quality, compassionate care that you have come to expect at Best Friends. Thank you for continuing to trust us with caring for your “best friends.”